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August 23 2014


Find The Best Road Bikes Under 500


When the first Felt bike was made more than 20 years ago, it was a revelation thanks to the improvements it made on the technology that was around at the time. It's strong aerodynamics helped the company to make bikes for many of the worlds top triathletes.

Today, the company strives to design and build the best road bikes possible and to give the rider the best possible experience.

Since then, the company has grown into one of the most respected in the bicycle industry and has not compromised on its mission. In particular, the F-series Felt best road bikes has helped to deliver countless road race wins and its new 2011 design makes it faster and stiffer than ever before.

Felt road bikes are still today made with plenty of innovative technologies. This ranges from their all new Equilink suspension and bayonet fork to UHC Ultimate+Nano carbon fiber material and some innovative manufacturing processes including Inside Out Internally Optimized Molding.

More about them

What the manufacturer has to say: "Meticulously engineered and crafted with one clear purpose: to win. The all-new F1 uses Felt’s cutting-edge carbon fiber manufacturing techniques—Modular Monocoque Construction and InsideOut internally optimized molding—to shave 100 grams off the 2010 F1 while increasing overall stiffness by 35 percent. 

With race-ready Dura-Ace Di2 electronic shifting components and Mavic Carbone Ultimate wheels, this race rocket weighs in under 14 pounds. And with its new Control Taper headtube and oversized BB30 carbon bottom bracket shell, it handles like a dream."

While not inexpensive, are considered to be an excellent investment. If you can afford the initial outlay then you are bound to love the bike you buy.


Colnago are one of Italy's finest road bike manufacturers and have a rich heritage of more than 55 years of making bicycles. These cheap road bikes were the first to take advantage of working with carbon fibre and even today have worked with other esteemed names such as Ferrari in order to make the finest bikes around.

Indeed, this is how the Colnago Concept and C35 were made - bikes that have been used as a basis to develop even better versions such as the EPS and CX-

They are built with innovation in mind and this helps to deliver a competitive edge. This is made possible not only through fast and lightweight bikes but also by cutting down on road shocks and offering stiffness in its frames too.

The company does not shy away from a challenge either, and the finest evidence of this is when they provided Eddy Merckx with the fastest and lightest bike possible for its generation, helping him to break the one hour record - this might have happened in 1972 but even today quality road bikes are being made and used by many around the world.

Mentioned above, one of the most popular Colnago road bikes is the CX-1 evo - this has a carbon monocoque frame and has won various stages in competitive races. Its new look for 2011 is not only a facelift to make it even more attractive but it also has new cable routing for the rear brake. Definitely one to look out for!. Click this link for more about the best road bikes under 500 dollar and other price range that will suit with your budget

April 22 2014


Type of Bycycle Track Race

Race on the cycling track  held on closed oval tracks (tracks) that are designated for such competitions.  For the convenience of the athletes track has a slope angle of 42 degrees on the turns, straight-line slope is 12.5 degrees. This track has a concrete or wooden floor.  The length and width depend on the level of the competitions. 

Team sprint - team pursuit on the track for a short distance. Each of the two competing teams consist of three riders: the leading rider has to help the team to develop the highest possible speed, they are eliminated after the first round; the second athlete in the team also leaves the track after one lap; third racer rides for the final lap, the team time is calculated when he crosses the finish line.

Points race    - race on the track with an unlimited number of participants and the simultaneous start.  The winner is the rider who earned the maximum number of credit points in intermediate sprints.  Points race is on of the Olympic discipline.

Sprint  - a race in two riders, three laps on the track, where the decisive are the last 200 meters.  Sprint is the oldest discipline in cycling (in the competition program appeared in the late XIX century).  Riders selected in qualifying rounds, where an athlete wins, first came to the finish line.  It is believed that the rider who took a behind position, is in a better position, because  the front rider can not predict in which side the opponent's maneuvers.

Scratch  - group race with simultaneous start.  Involved in it no more than 24 people.  Athlete, lags behind the rest for 1 lap is eliminated from the race.  If any of the participants will be able to get ahead of the rest on one disc, then he is the winner and the race stopped.

In  individual pursuit race   two cyclists start at the same time from opposite ends of the sides of the track.  Length distance for men is 4 km, 3 km for women.  The race is designed for endurance and patience of the participants.

Team Pursuit
 - discipline on the track, which from different sides start track cyclist teams of four.  Riders must be perfectly matched together to cover a distance (4 km for men and 3 km for women), i.e.  here is checked and the ability to assemble a strong team coach.  This discipline is considered the most difficult to pass on the track.

Keirin  - race, invented in Japan.  Cyclists will start at the same time, they should be ahead of the motorcycle (turf) that they should not overtake.  Pull away from the track for 2.5 laps to go, after which riders compete in speed.  The one who came to the finish line first is the winner.

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